Earn While You Play in the Metaverse

Want to play Minecraft and earn crypto tokens without the initial investment of hundreds or thousands of dollars to buy land?

Bullshipples Land Management offers leasing contracts that allow you to experience the Metaverse at relatively little initial investment.

Build Your Community

Do you have a Community that would enjoy the Uplift Metaverse? We can help get you started with our Onboarding Service. Bullshipples Land Management will show you how the unique experiences inside The Metaverse can benefit you AND your Community Members. Fill out the form so we can get to know you and the Community you've created.

Build Your Business in the Metaverse

Do you have more land than you can effectively manage?

Bullshipples Land Management facilitates and manages leases granting access and build permissions to land plots for players who can't afford to purchase their own land.

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Connect with us!

Connect with us
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