Our Story

Bullshipples, Inc. is the first company incorporated on the blockchain. It is founded on the principles of helping you, facilitating community collaboration, doing real-world good, and having fun.

The Shipple token began as a joke in 2019. Our friend Greg was given a boatload of this joke token to give away. Not understanding why anyone would want a worthless token, he posted on social media that he would give Shipple to anyone who could provide proof of a donation of $20 or more to a local homeless charity or food bank in the next 24 hours. To his surprise, the Shipple community raised $700 for charity overnight.

News of this feat reached Martian Bullshipples, who was so excited by the potential that he couldn’t leave Mars fast enough. The hype may have died down, but the legacy lives on – Marty bestowed the Shipple Fund for Charity upon Greg and the rest of the Chik’in Ka’ah 7, and he set up Bullshipples Inc. to funnel money to the Shipple Fund for Charity. The spirit of Shipple lives on through shipplememes, with all secondary market fees for this collection going to the Shipple Fund for Charity.

Marty Bullshipples fulfilled his mission. He has been here for a long time, and he misses his home on Mars. For Marty, Shippletopia to Mars is not just a meme or a dream, it is a goal he is working toward, and he wants to bring you along for the journey.

Your Story

The Uplift World was birthed in positivity, gratitude rising up from the ground in the light of every new sunrise. As word spreads of this wonderous place of kindness, metaverse-weary travellers, yourself included, arrive to create the future together.

You step out blinking into the sunrise, an elegant garden surrounding you. Bees buzz happily nearby. You start down the garden path, and your eyes are drawn to the beautiful stained-glass window of the majestic building in front of you.

It appears to be a cathedral of some sort, adorned with magical images. You are drawn to the image of a chicken, because it seems so out of place. You step closer, hoping to read the sign beside it. You make out the words Chik’in Ka’ah as the world around you begins to wobble – you’ve stepped into a portal.

You stumble out of the portal into a dimly-lit room with sculptures. Downstairs in the train station, you grab a loaf of bread and a minecart and head to the southbound rail.

Near the end of your rail journey, a huge object begins to grow in the sky. The orange planet fills the sky as you get closer, with a giant rocket ship pointing up to the planet. A cheery sign welcomes you to Shippletopia.

There is a large crowd under the planet, and dance music fills your ears. Cheers rise from the crowd as racers zoom through the air above you. You make your way past the crowd to the doorway of the rocket. A smiling person hands you a small card that says Intergalactic Multipass.

As you climb through the rocket, another portal gleams warmly. Your heart skips a beat. Did he do it? Did Marty figure out how to get home?

…To Be Continued, in Shippletopia!